Take your gameplay to the next level

CS:GO Companion

CS:GO Companion

CS:GO Companion helps you take your gameplay to the next level by helping you to make better decisions in-game and providing you with useful information such as a bomb timer, map call-outs, weapon info and spray patterns.

Nade tutorials

Finally figure out how to hit that smoke on to stairs in mirage. Grenades can play a crucial role in competitive matches - they're often the key to winning those tough rounds. CS:GO Companion comes equipped with tons of nade, smoke, flash, and molly video tutorials.


Bomb timer

Don't guess whether you have enough time to defuse. Let our bomb timer tell you. Tap anywhere on the screen to start the timer. Audible and visual cues help you keep track of the time remaining even when you're wearing headphones.


Weapon info with spray patterns

Keep missing that headshot? Check out every weapon's specific recoil pattern so that you can tighten up your aim. Weapon information such as price, ammo capacity, and damage are also provided for your convenience.


Map callouts and Travel times

Communicate more effectively with your team. CS:GO Companion is loaded with images of maps that have labels for specific parts on the map.

Not sure if you can make it in time to defuse the bomb? We've included a list of travel times (in seconds) from point to point on the map (ex. A Site to B Site)